accent à droite, bitch
Serena, 19. Cinema, literature, and art are my favorite things.

Are you a girl or a guy?

I’m a GIRL. A bisexual girl. Since when is Serena a dude’s name, really.

Where do you live?

PA. Pittsburgh, to be exact.

Check out my blog?

Sure! Shoot me an ask or tag me in a post, I track crypticmeth.

What type of font do you use on [insert post here] and/or all of your gifs?

In general, I use Calibri, Arial, and Aller. Almost always bold italic and sized anywhere between 11 and 14px. If you want the specific settings, just specify which post in an ask.

Promo for promo/follow my blog?

If we’re mutually following each other, I’m usually up for a p4p. Following your blog really depends on whether or not I’m interested in your posts, but just asking doesn’t equal an automatic block, I’m not a dick.

[Insert gif request here.]

If you’ve seen me post from the movie/series before, it’s definitely more likely that I’ll do it, but literally ask me to gif anything and there’s a good chance I will. Seriously. I fucking love these things.


Surprisingly enough, I actually get these, usually on my writing, so thank you very much. For some reason, I have a habit of not seeing the replies I get on my pieces until I randomly decide to reread my old stuff, but trust me, every bit of feedback means the absolute world to me and if I actually do see your comment, I’ll obviously send you a ‘thank you’ personally.

I don’t fuckin’ know, these are the only questions people legitimately ask me, lmfao. If you have anything else in mind or you’d like to just hit me up, feel free to ask/say anything you’d like. x